An update on PinkTrails, we're almost ready to launch and we're giving away a special thank you promotion

In this article we would like to first say thanks to all the gay and gay friendly business owners we've met with over the past few weeks and of course with special thanks to those who've already joined PinkTrails as dearly valued customers. Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive responses to our product demonstration and the much appreciated feedback.

The pre-release version, Beta2, is online

We just released an update to, beta2, which is going to be followed up by an update to the first official version in the first week of June. We've already put in a few few design improvements and a lot of tweaks and fixes. We're trying to find the right balance of serving tourists with a useful application and at the same time rewarding our paying customers with a competitive advantage.

Three important adjustments to this effect we would like to highlight:

  • On the homepage, where all nearby venues are listed, we've made our customers stand out by having an excerpt displayed along with other information. The free listings display only the name, area and proximity and sport a pinktrails logo as their thumbnail image.
  • When looking at the page of a free listing, we also advertise our customers. We feel this benefits tourists too, because only from our customers do we get updated and complete information. Of the free listing we only know the exact location, which we verified in person.
  • We can't properly identify all of the details of gay and gay friendly businesses without engaging with their management. Therefore, we adjusted our system so that when users filter the results by certain categories, the free listings will drop out.

Our marketing strategy

A very common question we received from the business owners we spoke with was regarding our marketing strategy. How are we going to attract visitors and users to We've drafted a comprehensive document which answers those questions and you can download it in both Thai and English.
In the document we detail how we can guarantee a certain amount of traffic to the site, and how hard we will work to increase popularity through various efforts. But we fully understand will have to grow, and therefore we feel that to early adopters, who are very important to us, we should give a big thank you by offering a full year 10% discount. This of course applies to all the businesses that have signed up with us already as well.

What we're working on now, and what to expect

In the next two weeks we will present the draft content for the customers who've joined us for whom we are constructing their pages and we will release the first official version as mentioned. An important upcoming feature to mention is that, by popular demand, we are phasing in the option for our customers to enter their promotions into the website. The website will automatically send those promotions to our social media channels and will also be displayed on a promotion map on, and on a calendar. As a compromise, the starmap will be phased out and return in a future version. Thank you everyone that guided us in this aspect of our development process.