Update to Pinktrails 1.0.0: Hello to all Taxi drivers and pictures that speak a 1000 words.

We rolled out the latest version of Pinktrails.com yesterday. This release features various improvements and some cool new features: Taxi cards and Photo albums.

Taxi Cards

With Thai being a phonetic language and the sometimes labyrinth-like myriad of sois and alleys that make up the great cities of Thailand, it's often difficult for foreigners to get a taxi to a new destination. 

For this reason, we've now introduced Taxi Cards. Business owners can add custom taxi driver instructions (in Thai) to their page(s) on Pinktrails.com. Such as, "go to BTS ARI, turn right into Soi Ari 3, turn left at the corner of 7-11 and drive about 300 meters into the soi. Beware this is a one way traffic street."

Your foreign customer can simply open the taxi card and show it to the driver.

To add your own taxi driver instructions:

  1. login to Pinktrails.com
  2. click "edit" for the business you want to add the instructions to.
  3. You'll see a new tab named: "Contact". Click there and fill out the Taxi card field.

Photo albums

A picture speaks a 1000 words. We got many requests to offer more display options for photos and images. Grateful for all the suggestions, we are happy to announce that each venue on Pinktrails.com now features a rich photo album.

The photo albums are mobile friendly so they display nicely on all screen sizes. They slide automatically and support swipe (finger) controls as well as full screen retina display when tapped or clicked.

English text is very important for search engine indexation and to inform Western visitors about your business. But especially when targeting Asian customers, English language isn't always enough to paint a clear picture. Photos cross all language barriers and they also allow you to really drive home the atmosphere of your business as well as the friendliness of your staff.

To use your Photo album:

  1. Login to Pinktrails.com

  2. Click "edit" for the business you want to add photos to

  3. Click the "Artwork" Tab

  4. Upload (via drag and drop or the "add files" button) up to 20 photos in the "Photo Album section".

  5. Click "Upload".

  6. Optionally and recommended: after uploading you can add a title to your images. This will increase search engine visibility and also add a nice caption to your photos.

  7. Save your page and enjoy your new photo album!

Various usability improvements

This latest realease of Pinktrails.com also introduces a number of usability improvements. You can read the full release notes here, but here are the important highlights:

  • People can now move themselves across the map by selecting an area from a drop down menu. This makes it much easier to explore, for instance, Sukhumvit. Or Jomtien, Pattaya. This is a great benefit for travelers that are about to come to Bangkok, and are planning their stay in Thailand from their home country.
  • We updated the layout of promotions
  • We have improved the use of our dynamic filters by introducing a "loading" animation to make it more clear results are being fetched and information is being refreshed.
  • We optimized the use of "screen real-estate" (space on the screen).

Thank you very much, as always, for all your feedback and suggestions. We'll keep working hard to make more improvements based on your needs and ideas. Please keep the suggestions coming at pinktrails.com/contact