Pinktrails 1.0.0 Releasenotes

Full release notes for Pinktrails 1.0.0. Introcuing Taxi Cards and Photo Albums.

For the human readable (including Thai language) announcement please click here.

New Features

Improvements & Bug fixes

  • Removed location box, implemented drop down menu to move visitor location across the map
  • Misc. (Code) cleanup, improved performance
  • Improved text editor usability
  • Re-styled /blog and articles overview page
  • Promotions now show on homepage when using handheld device
  • Re-styled promotion pages
  • Improved utilization of homepage screen real estate
  • Restyled status messages
  • Decreased slideshow speed for venue banners
  • Implemented "loading animation" to improve usability of filters
  • Fixed map centering bug
  • Scroll to top button
  • Fixed an issue where promotion map got cut off on iPad
  • Fixed a number of crawl errors (outdated links to moved content)


  • Built CRM / Invoicing System (to be introduced soon)