Pinktrails 1.0 -RC Releasenotes

Below are the releasenotes of 1.0 - RC (Release Candidate).

Read the human-readable announcement and description of the major changes in this version here.

  • Improved location detection user experience
  • Removed breadcrumbs
  • Introduced full screen maps
  • Implemented advanced Search Engine Optimization and Facebook OpenGraph metadata embedding
  • Created venue listings by area
  • Changed Map engine
  • Fixed missing CSS classes in mobile map
  • Removed default headline for free listings
  • Fixed bug in default free listing text description
  • Constructed research based URL construction logic and updated all paths
  • Full twitter integration
  • Introduced dashboard for venue owners to manage their venue, promotions and account.
  • Improved venue navigation/ filtering on homepage and venue listing pages
  • Introduced venue listing pages
  • Various style improvements to mobile device maps
  • Introduced promotions
  • Moved QR code
  • Moved out starmap
  • Set proper zoom on homepage map
  • Set proper zoom on venue map
  • Numerous bug fixes and styling improvements