Stax Karaoke - スタックス カラオケ -

Stax karaoke is open to everyone, straight and gay. It's a perfect place to enjoy singing, meeting friends and to just relax and be yourself. Lay down the blues and grab the microphone. On occasion there are shows performed by Stax's lovely staff and it's also a perfect place to organize your own private party.

Those who come alone are quickly accompanied in song or conversation by the wonderful, friendly staff and owner.


If you can't find your voice you can simply ask a staff member to sing a song for you. And if dancing is your thing, enjoy moving to the warm sounds that reach accross any language barrier.

Stax karaoke has a big collection of English, Thai and even Chinese songs available. Or just choose your favorite song and sing it out loud.

Good prices in a good and friendly atmosphere

Both soft and alcoholic beverages are not expensive, making this gay friendly karaoke bar the perfect hangout for a whole night and beyond. This bar has a long history of hospitality, with 30 years it's definitely a winner in one of Bangkok's most attractive areas for the gay and gay friendly crowd.