The Prince Men's Spa

The Prince offers a broad range of delight, such as traditional Thai full body massages, aroma therapy, body scrubs, oils and cream, and more. But a visit to the exclusive men's spa is not only to the satisfaction of the body, your eyes get a treat as well. Right next to the entrance you'll find that The Prince makes it easy and comfortable for you to choose your masseur, as they are all in windowed room working their muscles in a specially designed gym.

Sit down in the comfortable lobby, enjoy a drink and take your time choosing one of the dozens of shirtless, handsome guys of all body types, working out or playing tennis.

The Prince Men's Spa is sure to serve you right. Masseurs are available in all appearances; muscular, toned, or twinky, tattood, groomed or rough: Whatever rocks your boat you'll find at this truly exquisite piece of paradise.

The feeling of The Prince Men's Massage and Spa

Privacy, luxury and comfort are important qualities of this somewhat hidden, exlcusively gay establishment. You'll find that the wonderful and handsome staff is ready to take care of your every need. They are well prepared to service international guests.

Free your mind, body and soul and go beyond your expectation

The large complex offers 34 fully equipped rooms and offers all kinds of facilities. Large, comfortable rooms with luxury beds, jacuzi's and they even accept bitcoins!


Aroma oil

  • 1hr: THB 900
  • 1.5 hr: THB1,100    


  • 1hr: THB 800
  • 1.5 hr: THB 1000

Scrub Cream+Aroma oil

  • 1.5hr: THB 1,700
  • 2hr: THB 2,000

Scrub Cream+Cream

  • 1.5hr: THB 1,800 
  • 2hr: THB 2,100

Scrub Cream+Aroma oil+Mineral water-Milk

  • 2hr: THB 3,000

Scrub Cream+Mineral water-Milk

  • 2hr: THB 3,200

Scrub Cream+Aroma oil/Cream+Mineral water-Milk

  • 3hr: THB 5,000

Scrub Cream+Aroma oil/Cream+Mineral water-Milk

  • 3hr: THB 7,000

Come and be a prince.

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