39 Underground

Possibly the oldest gay sauna in Bangkok, 39 Underground has been around since the beginning of time.

It is a relatively small place but still covers 4 floors. A shower, a small sauna and steam room on the ground floor and two stories of private cabins in the third and top floor, alongside a small but efficiently designed garden. The second floor has a modest bar and well equipped fitness room.

Where friendly thai gays are ready to make friends

The audience is predominantly Thai, but an occasional western face can be spotted. This would likely be an expatriate as 39 Underground is a sauna well known in Bangkok’s gay circles but it’s definitely not on the tourist map.

Enjoy with affordable price

39 Underground is a cheap date, expect to not spend more than THB 400 – 500. Thai prices at the bar and a modest entry fee at the door. The place is also often packed with a dense crowd.


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