Macho Sauna

Macho Sauna in Pinklao offers a truly recommendable experience for those of you who are adventurous. It's dark and extensive, spanning 5 floors. A big attraction are the young, good looking people that can be found and explored by touch as you navigate the extensive maze and hidden corners and cavities of Macho sauna.

A delightful mix of mostly young, thai gay visitors

Among the frequent visitors are Thai gay students, fitness buffs (from a nearby gym) and an office crowd from the nearby work places. Macho Sauna is located near a sort of a commuter's hub, where people coming in and out of the city stop to hop on a mini-van half way through their journey home or to work. A lot of people living in provinces to te west of Bangkok pass through here. It's located next to a big shopping mall and has plenty of hang-out spots nearby that are popular with a younger audience. This helps to bring the average age of Macho Sauna's typical visitor down to about 20 - 30 years.

Macho Sauna in Pinklao's uniquely exciting layout, facilities and parties.

Macho Sauna in Pinklao has a lot of private cabins and hidden corners that will draw your attention and arouse more than just your curiosity. It's definitely a distinguished from a lot of the other gay saunas in the Bangkok area; the music and lighting found inside being just one of the many examples of that. It's colorfully decorated and features a Sauna, Fitness room and Steambath. Another big attraction is the outdoor shower at the rooftop garden.

Macho Sauna strives to create an exciting environment that doesn't make you feel bored at any moment. It's enticing and full of mature entertainment and exploration.

Naked zone parties

Naked zone parties are held, in the entire building, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Orgy parties

There's an orgy party every Saturday where you're invited to enjoy yourself and many others.

Sexy boy shows

Watch those sexy boys perform on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and get inspired for the weekend.

Free food and low prices

The entry fee and food and beverage prices are low. On Fridays and Saturdays there's even free food to snack on. Fried rice and other easy to eat Thai food is served free of charge. Macho Sauna likes to cater all your appetites. Especially on weekends it's also the perfect place to go after you've been out. It serves beer for an after drink and to complement the free meals. And off course it's a perfect place to relax and indulge on other, more bodily delights.

Entry fees are dependent on age. If you're 20 - 24 you get in for only THB 99.

If you're 24 - 55, the following prices apply:

  • Monday - Thursday: THB 140. Come before 5pm or after 10pm, and get in for just THB 90
  • Friday - Sunday & Public Holiday: THB 160. Come before 5pm or after 1am, and get in for just THB 90 | Sunday before 5 pm or after 10 pm, and get in for just THB 90.

For those aged 55 and up:

  • Entry fee is permanently set at THB 300

All in all, even if you're far from the Pinklao area, Macho Sauna is definitely a place to visit and explore if you're into younger, handsome guys and looking for some quality R&R in a clean environment. A must see in Bangkok's gay scene. For futher inquiries you can chat with Macho Sauna's management directly via Line: muffill113.

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