Muffill Sauna

Muffill (pronounced as Muffin in Thai) is a gay sauna of legendary status. It focuses predominately on young people and is popular with university students. It's a vibrant and at the same time laid back place to be. The fact that it's a stand alone house deep in a residential soi (small street) contributes to a nice, homely atmosphere. Inside the house is mostly dedicated to a vast and intricate collection of private rooms and dark alleys to (ad)venture in. Downstairs the first floor is arranged for you to relax, lay down and lounge with a drink or snack.

There's a lot of fun to be had at Muffill Sauna

This historic gay venue has a total of 3 floors and sports a retro / classic design with disco elements. There's a nice garden with sauna and steam room outside. If you're looking for young, good looking guys then Muffill Sauna is definitely a place to go look. It's located near a few major universities like RBAC and Ramkhamhaeng University. Not just the location but also the low price of entry makes this sauna a great destination for young Thai gay college students.

There's lots of fun to be had, true to the spirit of youth. Dancing, eating, drinking and just laying back on one of the many beds and sofa's are just a few of the endless exercises one might engage in when visiting Muffill Sauna in Lad Phrao. The living-room-like bar and food area also has a TV space with comfortable sofas that make it easy to forget time and really relax your mind and feast your eyes on the underwear crowd as it passes by.

Entry prices are low and there's free food

The entry fee for Muffill Sauna is very friendly on your wallet, especially if you're of a young age, in which case it's set at a mere THB 99,-. Otherwise prices range from THB 120 - THB 140.

On Fridays and Saturdays there's free food to enjoy.



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It seems Muffil closed in Ladprao Soi 113 in Aug 2016 and openend new under name of Nake Sauna in Happyland in Sep 2016. Details some time on my blog.

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Hi Chris, yes that could very well be, we know management is doing renovations and making changes. Thanks again for the information, we'll contact them and see what's up. The same company owns a number of Saunas in Bangkok. Thanks a lot for your comment, it's greatly appreciated.

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