Blending of Eastern and Western food. A special dining event at Poseidon's Wince Cellar, Pattaya

“East Meets West” in Pattaya on Wednesday, 28th of September. As many dishes as you like for ฿ 950

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Blending of Eastern and Western food. A special dining event at Poseidon's Wince Cellar, Pattaya - - Explore Gay and LGBT Friendly Thailand

Poseidon’s  WINE CELLAR presents on Wednesday, 28th of September 2016  “East Meets West” 

You can order any of the dishes as many times as you like for just 950,-- Baht 


1. Pomelo prawn salad  
Salad of lettuce, herbs, pomelo, and prawns, tossed in a spicy dressing  
2. Sesame roast beef   
Diced roast beef marinated in sesame soy sauce and served with a variety of lettuces 
3. Cucumber crab 
Cucumber filled with crab salad and flavored with lime and ginger  
4. Chicken curry cocktail  
Chicken brought up to taste with yellow curry and pineapple  
5. Tuna miso  
Tuna tartar garnished with miso crackers  
6. Pulled pork wrapper  
Slow-cooked pork flavored with green curry, wrapped with eggplant and zucchini in a tortilla   
7. Chilled daikon and lemongrass soup 
Chilled chicken and lemongrass-based soup blended with daikon    
8. Wonton soup 
Pork consommé flavored with green leafy vegetables and herbs and garnished with pork dumplings 
9. Duck and shiitake soup 
Duck consommé with a filling of shiitake mushrooms  
10. Pork salad  
Mixed cabbage salad dressed with pork simmered in soy sauce   
11. Chicken satay skewer 
Grilled chicken skewer with peanut sauce   
12. Paneng lasagna  
Lasagna layered with red curry pork and coconut cream.  
13. Mango swordfish  
Grilled swordfish served with mango chutney  
14. Ginger vanilla  
Vanilla ice cream with candied ginger  
15. Green tea tiramisu  
Tiramisu flavored with green tea, lemon and jasmine 
16. Passion fruit parfait   
Homemade passion fruit ice cream 

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Venue information

The Poseidon Hotel & Restaurant

The Poseidon Hotel is a perfect find among the vast number of hotels in Pattaya. The value for money is unrivaled with spacious and tastefully decorated rooms full of luxury facilities. The hotel itself offers a very fine restaurant with extensive wine cellar. There's a pool and spa that holds no restrictions and comes with a fully stocked bar and Jacuzzi. On top of that the Poseidon Hotel Pattaya holds a prime location spot.

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