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Promotion 3 Times Course - - Explore Gay and LGBT Friendly Thailand

Get special deal when purchasing a certain course for 3 times.
เมื่อท่านซื้อคอร์ส 3 ครั้ง ลดทันที

3 times / 1 hr      : only 1,300 THB (from 1,500)
3 times / 1.5 hrs : only 1,700 THB (from 1,950)
3 times / 2 hrs    : only 1,900 THB (from 2,250)

Venue information

The Bank Spa

The Bank Spa is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, tucked away  just off the main road passing through the Bang Khen suburb. It offers an exquisite male gay massage experience through a a healthy stock of young and attractive masseurs. The Bank Spa sports a boutique like design, creating a nice and private environment to relax, enjoy and indulge.

Great attention to your every need makes this a male massage experience to come back for

The Bank Spa offers a most welcoming experience once you've passed the guarded entrance of the gated communtiy it resides in.

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