DJ station

DJ station is a gay nightclub with an infamous reputation, where local Thai gays and foreigners gethering to make the night exotic.  If you’re gay and visiting Bangkok, then you’ll end up here no matter how hard you try to avoid it.

Situated in Silom Soi 2, DJ station is a 3 story club that is bound to rock your boat. Shirtless hunks rocking out on the latest house tunes, on an elevated stage overlooking an ever packed dance floor.

A good place where east meets west

DJ station is a gay honey pot. As it traps tourists inside, Thai gay guys flock towards them, bringing all of their cuteness and beauty to the game. You’ll notice that only Thais are asked for their ID at the gate. Foreigners pass straight through. So if you’re a "farang" and looking for local company, this is as good a place as any to find it. And likewise, you Thai guys looking for a taste of something exotic, you already know this is where it’s at: Bangkok’s world renowned gay club.

The entry fee is THB 300 and entitles you to 2 drinks of you choice.




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