Pakin spa club

Lady luck greets you as you enter the premise of Pakin Spa Club, situated right outside of Bangkok's city limits. It's a pretty amazing view, - especially at night -  gazing at the wide and open entrance to this exquisitely renovated and traditionally decorated male gay massage and spa. The experience of traditional Thai architecture and culture immediately touches you as as you walk  through the front gate. The walkway towards the house is flanked by two fish ponds, home to 30 goldfish and 40 carps, for 70 is the lucky number of Pakin Spa's owner.

As you enter the doors to the mansion, you find yourself surrounded by the warmth of specially imported traditional Thai woodwork and welcomed by the subtle fragrances of delicate Thai aromas. The interior design, which took 3 months to complete, draws inspiration and materials from traditional Thai architecture and blends it with Balinese influences. The result of this marriage is truly magnificent and unique; you won't find an atmosphere quite like this anywhere else.

Private, intimate luxury in Thai style

If the environment doesn't make you feel like a king or a queen, then surely the staff will elevate you to the higher leveks of delight. Thai hospitality and friendliness at it's very best is what you can expect from the expertly trained crew of masseurs. Whatever your taste, from muscular male figures to slim twinky guys, indulgence awaits in Pakin Spa's private quarters. Great attention is paid to your intimate satisfaction. It's up to you to direct the scenes of your own sensual play and a broad range of characters is there to live out your private fantasies. The masseurs won't try to convince you to try things you don't like, instead, they're here to accommodate your every desire.

The male massuers are well trained in the tradition of Thai massage. Pakin Spa uses high quality oils with different themes and various purposes. Spa Siam is definitely worth a recommendation as it is an aroma that is unique to Pakin Spa and quite magnificently powerful. 

At Pakin Spa you're not a customer

The ambience and style makes you feel at home but it's the level of attention of the staff and masseurs, as well as their relaxed and friendly relationships with their guests that makes a visit to Pakin Spa more like a meeting with friends than the purchase of a service. Therefore everybody is truly welcome and you're invited to experience the extent of Pakin Spa's true Thai hospitality.

Once more, the decor is a truly exceptional characteristic and for that alone, a visit to Pakin Spa is worth a trip, if you're from outside of the neighborhood.

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