Uniman (Currently Closed)

The Uniman Massage brand has been standing firm for over 20 years. It's situated on the fourth floor of "Korea Town" on Sukhumvit and offers exquisite male gay massages in a very welcoming and cozy environment.

The experience

Uniman massage and spa sports a relatively small establishment with 5-6 massage rooms. When you enter through the door you'll find yourself in a hospitable lobby that features a sitting area and a bar and you'll right away be able to eye the masseur of your liking. The Uniman masseurs are there either lounging or working out on the fitness equipment. You can enjoy a drink and leave the world outside behind in good looking company.

Women are welcome

Apart from male, gay massage services Uniman spa and massage offers straight masseurs too. So to all you ladies who want to relax and treat yourself after a hard day's work: come and check out this handsome, muscular crew.

The Uniman massage staff is very friendly and inviting. A good sense of humor also helps to elviate any tensions and you'll enjoy having a drink and a talk whilst you pick out your favorite masseur for the the night.

Who goes there?

True to it's Asian character, Uniman massage is popular with Chinese customers as well as travelers and expatriates from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore. Off course all nationalities are welcomed here, and all genders too. Man, woman, transgender, everybody can find a no-frills relief at the hands of the sexy male masseurs in Korea Town, Sukhumvit.

Pretty much all body types are represented. From Handsome muscular guys to the cute twinky types.


Please note the minimum tips of:

  • 800 baht for 60 minute massage service
  • 1000 baht for 90 minute massage service
  • 1500 baht for 120 minute massage service

Oil Massage

  • 60 minutes: 550 baht
  • 90 minutes 650 baht
  • 120 minutes 800 baht

Cream / Milk / Aroma massage

  • 60 minutes: 650 baht
  • 90 minutes 750 baht
  • 120 minutes 900 baht

Body scrub massage

Oil + scrub

  • 90 minutes 1000 baht
  • 120 minutes 1200 baht

Cream + scrub

  • 90 mnutes: 1100 baht
  • 120 minutes: 1300 baht

Aroma + scrub

  • 90 minutes 1200 baht
  • 120 minutes 1400 baht

Out call service

Prices for home massage services vary between 2.000 and 2.600 baht for 2 hours



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