Nine spa and massage

Nine Spa is a hidden gem in the popular Sukhumvit area. It's discreet in it's appearance, situated in a tucked away patch of residential neighborhood. The establishment consists of four massage rooms. 3 standard ones and one double room that holds two massage beds and is therefore well suited for couples or friends. Nine Spa offers absolutely exquisite Oil,- Cream,- and Traditional Thai massages in a uniquely domestic, private environment.

The staff has great massage skills, they are well trained and offer a personalized experience that make many people come back to Nine Spa with regularity. As the masseurs get to know what you like, they are able to deliver a specifically tailored massage therapy session. Nine Spa offers the real, traditional massage experience that Thailand is renowned for.

Nine Spa offers a nice, private and quiet environment. The price offers good value for money. It's definitely in the luxury range but in return you get very handsome gay masseurs who are excellent therapists. They are friendly and come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. From the twinky, slim types through athletes and muscular guys to bears. According to your taste and interest, management will provide recommendations and assist you in finding a perfect match.

Convenient and efficient

Nine Spa tries to schedule the massage bookings according to a time table so that each client has complete privacy; not encountering any other visitors to the premises. There is also the option of using a out call service, which extends a bit beyond the regular closing time of 23.00 hours (11 pm) to midnight.

A higher standard of male gay massage

Quality of service and everything surrounding it is held to the highest standards, taking into account local and international tastes and approaches. The place is looking good and the staff is highly skilled. The ambience will make you feel calm, thoroughly relaxed and ultimately well at home.

The regular service averages THB 600 - THB 700 and should be complimented with a tip for your masseur of around THB 700 - THB 1000.

There is also a special service with a price conveniently set at THB 2500,- for all services and already includes a tip for your sensual gay masseur.

Guidance for the best male massage experience

  • Out call service is available from 13.00 (1pm) to 0.00 (midnight) every day
  • > 1,5 hour advance booking period is greatly appreciated
  • You can request pictures of the staff before you visit via Line or Email.



More photos of masseurs upon request via e-mail or line