Jey Spa

When you walk in, it's like entering a living room. A very spacious and elegant living room at that. It feels like stepping into the home of what might become your new extended family. This feeling of being among friends, the sense of comfort that comes from the laid back and informal, yet profoundly caring demeanor of Jey Spa's massage staff is quite unique and very pleasant. Jey Spa has been around for a very long time, it was actually one of the first to offer male gay spa and massage therapy in Thailand, and yet many of the earliest customers still like to drop by for a chat, a hello and sometimes a bit more.

Imagine living with a harem of handsome Thai male masseurs

The informal atmosphere of Jey Spa is intentional. For a number of reasons. First, the original concept if this male gay massage venue aimed to offset the sometimes "formal" feeling of hotel based massage and spa facilities. Second, the staff at Jey Spa tends to stay in their job for quite a long time. They're considered as family and it's no surprise that their place of work blends with their place of recreation.

And what a family it is. A healthy stock of handsome masseurs are available pretty much around the clock. Loyal customers sometimes stay the night. It's like living with a harem.

A great benefit from having a extended family of masseurs is that they get to know your needs and delights. The team at Jey Spa is highly comitted to understanding and fulfilling your desires and leave you happy and relaxed, their sensual touch being more than just sexual; it also encompasses kinship and appreciation of you as a person instead of a customer.

Sex can be found in many places, but sexual satisfaction combined with a whole lot more, that's quite a different story

At Jey Spa you're not merely another customer, a number. You're regarded and treated as someone who is part of a family. As such you get served with only the best of everything. The masseurs are all highly qualified with good credentials from renowned massage schools. You'll be asked to leave feedback and suggestions, which are then incorporated in the staff's ongoing, in-house training.

With this very unique approach adds a dimension to the whole experience, the service and the satisfaction of it that you simply won't find anywhere else.

Come in and give Jey Spa a try. It's really a must.

Line ID : jey153 / jey99
E-mail : [email protected]

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