Banana Club

Banana Club is a legend in Bangkok’s gay scene. It is now situated in a beautiful venue on Sukhumvit Soi 23 after outgrowing the building that has been of service for 18 years and has welcomed a legion of LGBT individuals. Both the international and local Thai gay community has found long standing relief and an excellent experience at the historical legend that is Banana Club. Now, in a brand new and much bigger environment, that experience has just been raised to an even higher level.

Well trained masseurs to deliver a world class massage experience

The secret to satisfying customers for so many years is quality of service, expertise and the ability to retain well trained staff. Many customers find comfort in knowing that their favorite masseur is available to them on a prolonged basis. Being a regular allows a masseur to get to know you, understand your physique and how he can provide you with the service and relief that you seek.

Two worlds of seperate delights

The new Banana Club building is divided in two sections. The strictly gay part is upstairs and if you didn’t know it was there, you wouldn’t notice as you were drifting away with an excellent massage downstairs in the mixed or “straight” section of the premise. And excellent it is. On our visit to Banana Club we were treated to a truly heavenly foot and leg massage and found ourselves almost in paradise for a whole hour. The masseurs that work the downstairs area are long term veterans. They have strong hands and many years of experience and if you’re familiar with the art that is Thai massage, you know how much that matters. But it’s more than the masseur that sets the quality of the service apart from many of the others. The lounge chairs Banana Club rests its customers in are about as expensive and luxurious as any chair can get. So comfortable we almost cried when we had to get out of them. The decor is tastefully done, earth tones and spacious with beautiful traditional Thai clock works suspended from the high ceiling. As the stress and travel was skillfully massaged out of our muscles we looked outside the one-way glass walls and watched the night settle in on this lively and historic part of Bangkok, with people making their way home, to dinner or out to an early drink.

Dozens of gorgeous Thai gay massage professionals to choose from

There’s just as much to see upstairs as there is downstairs, albeit an entirely different kind of spectacle. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine about 30 gorgeous Thai gay guys lounging on elegant sofas lining three mirrored walls…. Go ahead, dwell on that image a little. It’s an amazing sight and not to be missed experiencing outside of your dreams. The more than helpful management will help you narrow the selection if you so wish, attentively explaining the benefits, skills and talents of each individual gay masseur. You’ll find what you seek, without a doubt and we’re confident that for many years to come, both in your dreams and in reality, you will be returning to the exquisite experience found at Banana Club, Sukhumvit Soi 23, for the 18 years to come.

Please note that the opening hours of the gay section are different from the mixed / straight section. The gay massage service is available from 2pm to 11pm, daily.

Massage Prices at Banana Club, Sukhumvit Soi 23

Foot Massage

60 minutes: THB 250

Thai Massage

60 minutes: THB 300

Back and Shoulder Massage

60 minutes: THB 250

Thai Massage and Hot Compress

60 minutes: THB 450

Aroma Therapy Body Massage

60 minutes: THB 700

Gay Massage Prices at Banana Club

60 minutes: THB 700 (+ tip of THB 1,000)

90 minutes THB 1000 (+ tip of THB 1,300)

Gay Massage Outcall service

Outcall service is available at a rate of THB 2,500. If getting to your location requires extensive travel, an additional rate may apply. Please contact Banana Club for an exact price.


Terry 's picture

Excellent !!!

Terry 's picture

Excellent !!! Especially 'Mea' , like him somuch!!

Kelvin's picture

Hi Terry,

Very happy that you enjoyed your visit to Banana club! I will send Mea you regards :)
Hope to see you again soon and thank you for the review here.

Kelvin (Banana Club Manager)

Terry's picture

Hi Kelvin,
I have a plan to visit in coming December,I hope you 'll be there.Mae also :). Missed you both so much...

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