DD Massage

We have personally verified the actual location of DD Massage on 05/21/2015 - 9:40pm in the Silom area of Bangkok

In Bangkok's fast changing LGBT scene, gay and gay-friendly Massage shops come and go. We can't guarantee this venue is still open for business, as we haven't been provided with additional information.

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Are you the owner of this venue? Please contact us here to complete this page. Did you try to visit DD Massage and is it no longer there? Please let us know.

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david lee's picture

I visited DD Massage on Silom rd on 09/01/2016 at around 11 pm , they have 10% discount going on right now, so the Thai massage for one hour is 250thb, with discount of 25thb, you are charged with on 225thb. Let me tell you this place is not worth it. I got what I paid for literally. The place is old and dingy , it's smell bad, the sheet on the massage table is like they have not been change since all day. There are two masseurs in front when I walked in, one of the girl is excited to get customer (me), so she offered to do me, I just want a good massage so I said anybody is ok with me , man was she bad, she just work on my legs for more than 40 minutes until I told me to do my shoulder and neck and she then obliged, and it was bad. It seemed like she was looking at the clock the whole time waiting for her shift to end, at the end she asked for tips also, I should have left the place when I first walked , but it was late already , I just want a massage and go to sleep...again please avoid this place.

Pinktrails's picture

Thank you for your review, David. There are good and bad experiences to be found and this will help others from finding disappointment in the future. Hopefully your next massage experience will be much better. Thanks also for using our site!

Kevin's picture

I went to this location 2/12/2016 and had foot massage by male therapist. Quite frankly it was one of the best I had which included a very strong back and neck therapy. The special of 225 baht was still going. I did not go to room but only in front chair so can't comment in regards to that.

Steve's picture

I have bene there two times, about one year ago and again few days ago.
I didn't realize it's considered a mainly gay place... they only asked me if I preferred man or woman therapist, I replied preferring woman and that was all.
The room was rather small wuth dimly lights, not the cleanest but frankly there're many much worse places around. The sheet looked and smelled clean.
As for the massage, I could say that last year it was quite good, while the recent one was really too light, I prefer heavier touch but I didn't complain because the woman was so gentle, I felt like didn't want to show I was unsatisfied. The woman could even be the same for the two massages, but I couldn't be sure of this.
In both cases there was a very discreet and gentle proposal of extra, which I accepted. First time, there even really wasn't a proposal, it looked more like a natural evolution of the massage, a thing that I felt very sensual and not forced at all. The request of a very reasonable tip was only after the end of the massage. Last time, things where more like usual, but again really smooth and not forced at all.
I think I'll come back.

XXX's picture

Massage was ok, pleace was ok and as you may know they have special massage for tip but their tip is minimum 500 baht (hand job) which it's over price. I did special massage in some place around tip is just around 200-300 baht (hand job), So I guess you better ask the price before let them do anything to you. However I insist not to pay that much and end up at 300 baht with unhappy and unwelcome face from the therapist.

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