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When it comes to the real, true art of Thai massage, the school of Wat Pho holds legendary status. From all over the world students flock to this temple based training center in Bangkok. A degree in Thai massage from Wat Po is just about as good as credentials get in the international massage culture. Just how good those credentials feel when they're unleashed on your body is what you'll find out when you lay down and surrender yourself to the male masseurs at Sanctuary by A.

A higher level of male massage experience

Traditionally, Thai massage is an instrument of healing and promotion of health. Following this tradition, a visit to Sanctuary by A starts with an inquiry into any possible health concerns you may have. Do you have high blood pressure? Any muscles particularly achy? The highly service minded staff is going to make sure you get precisely what your mind and body needs. Exactly how such a bodily sanctuary feels like is an experience you probably don't want to miss and surely will want to repeat.

The decor and layout of Sanctuary by A is remarkable. The rooms are spacious, often with heavy, and beautiful wooden sliding doors. The massage rooms have an en suite shower facility because each massage at starts with a warm shower to relax and stimulate blood circulation. The hallways are tastefully decorated with big modern art and the interior of the 8 massage rooms (6 of which are reserved for oil massage treatment) is exquisitely designed.

Honoring the beauty of health at Sanctuary by A

If you're living or visiting Bangkok and you're interested in the healing and rejuvenating powers of the Thai massage traditions you should have a look at some of the complimentary packages Sanctuary by A offers. It's "3 hour service" offerings include body scrubs, body mask and steam treatment as well as muscle pain relieving massage therapy to benefit your overall inner health and outward appearance. Alleviating sunburn with a rejuvenating body wrap and face mask is a highly recommended treatment if you've been flying too close to the sun, or took part in Thailand's annual Songkran experience.

Sanctuary by A is popular with many ethnicities; locals and international travelers alike, from all over Asia and all over the world for that matter, make sure to dive into the divine whenever they get the chance. We're confident to say: So should you.


Aromatic Massage         : 60 Mins/600 Bath, 90 Mins/900 Bath
Swedish Massage          : 60 Mins/600 Bath, 90 Mins/900 Bath
Sport Massage               : 60 Mins/600 Bath, 90 Mins/900 Bath
Body Glow Massage     : 120 Mins/1,300 Bath
Thai Massaage               : 60 Mins/500 Bath, 120 Mins/800 Bath
After Sun Massage        : 60 Mins/600 Bath, 90 Mins/900 Bath
The Herbal Ball Massage : 2 Hrs Thai 1,200 Bath/Aroma 1,400 Bath
Foot Massage                : 60 Mins/400 Bath

Body Treatment
Body Scrub                      : 30 Mins/500 Bath
Green Tea Scrub              : 30 Mins/500 Bath
White Wine Scrub            : 30 Mins/600 Bath
Lemon&Salt Body Glow : 30 Mins/500 Bath
Herbal Wrab                     : 30 Mins/500 Bath
Natural Mud                     : 90 Mins/1,200 Bath
Bamboo Chocolate Detox : 30 Mins/500 Bath
Thai Herb Body Scrub      : 30 Mins/500 Bath

Facial Treatment
90 Mins/1,200 Bath

OUT Call Service 
12.00 - 22.00 hrs daily 

E-mail : [email protected]


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