All you need to know about Silom, Bangkok's best known gay area.

Silom is Bangkok's most infamous gay area. It caters largely to the international crowd, both tourists and expatriates.

Silom itself is an area named after a long street called "Thanon Silom". In Thai, the Western equivalent of a main road is often indicated as "thanon". Smaller, adjacent streets are called "Soi". However, in everyday Thai language thanons are often also referred to as sois.  Thanon Silom runs a long way; from the beautiful Lumphini park it cuts right through the central business district and can take you as far as the Chaopraya river or deliver you right into Chinatown. For the gay crowd however, there are a few sois of particular interest. Soi 2, Soi 4 and Boystown, all in close proximity to each other and BTS (skytrain) Station "Sala Daeng" and MRT (subway) station "Silom".

Silom soi 2

Silom Soi 2 is where the party's at. Easy to miss, this soi looks more like a small alley or even an entrance to a tucked away restaurant. Walk inside it though (at night there is security and locker service posted in front) and you'll find some of the  most famous gay clubs and discos in Bangkok.

Granted, it can get a little wild inside when on the weekends the dance floors are packed with sweaty bodies heaving to the latest beats. Most of the venues span several floors but expect space to always be tight. Hang out on the upper balconies and you´re bound to bump into one of many Thai gays looking for a taste of the world outside of Thailand. Some of them may be money boys but most are not. A lot of foreign gays visit the most well known clubs in Soi 2 but there are plenty of Thai boys too. Prices are to western standards, and you should expect to be charged an entry fee of around 300 THB, which will leave you with a free drink or two. Soi 2 is busy, vibrant and open all nights of the week.

Silom soi 4

Halloween in Soi 4, Bangkok. A great attraction in this famous soi full of gay bars.

Soi 4 in Silom is often the destination for gay visitors to Bangkok. This soi consists of a number of bars (some have hit world fame)  that are friendly to a foreign audience. Expect western food and western prices.

Many Thai gays flock to this area in search of a "farang" boyfriend for the night or longer. And likewise, many western men come here in search for a chance at meeting their Thai gay prince. The universal law off attracting opposites is Soi 4's heartbeat.

Silom Soi 4 is a place to hang out, sit back and relax with a cold beer, a cocktail or even a glass of wine while you watch gay boys from all over the world parade by. There aren't any Go-Go bars here, if you're looking for those you should check out the nearby Boystown. Mind the many happy hours and promotions as they can relieve your wallet at some of the bars. Sometimes happy hours last all night.

If you're in Bangkok on Halloween, Silom soi 4 is a great attraction. Be sure to stop by for a drink.

Boystown / soi Twilight

Soi twilight is the basically the red-light district of gay Bangkok. It's not exactly located on Thanon Silom but it runs parallel behind it, on a road called "Thanon Surawong". Contrary to Silom soi 2, this one is not easy to miss. Eager hands will quickly try to pull you in, to either see a show, share a drink with a dozen guys or get a very special massage. A warm smile and polite thank you will safely get you through, so don't worry. And remember, dear traveler, nothing is as it seems in Thailand. Lust is not the only appetite being served in Bangkok's Boystown, there is actually some great food inside this little area and with a nice atmosphere too. You'll find Dick's cafe will cater to all your tastes in terms of Western and Thai food, as well as a good glass of wine or a hot cup of coffee. But if your intention is to really go local, remember all those boys have to eat too. A little further down soi Twilight you'll find some nice local outdoor cooking in front of a barber shop next to Bangkok's best known go-go bars. For 40 or 50 baht you'll get a decent and spicy dish in the hottest soi of this gay capital of Asia.

Soi Twilight offers guys dancing on poles (and Poles dancing on guys I guess), all hands on deck massages and some great food to top it all off. And come on, where else on earth do you get hugs and kisses just for entering an alley? No matter what's your pleasure, it's well worth stopping by this very special piece of gay Bangkok.