G's Bangkok German & Thai food

For almost four years, G's Bangkok is serving legendary status German, international and Thai food. It was formerly located in Patpong but is now situated in a new venue at the very beginning of Silom Soi 4, adding a vibrant view of one of Thailands most interesting soi's to your plate of masterfully prepared food.

Master cookery with real, fresh and natural ingredients

Mother nature is kind to Thailand, generously supplying it with an abundance of natural herbs, vegetables, fish and meat. Put that into the hands of a true master chef from Germany and his team of outstanding Thai protege's and you get a taste of German and Thai dishes not found anywhere else. 

Dining at G's Bangkok was a delight in many ways for us. Not just is the food excellent, G's Bangkok is also a wonderful place to be. There's no formal dresscode, the place is relaxed and the service is outstanding. Highlighted by the many regulars dining at G's Bangkok - with whom the staff is on a first name basis - the team of waiters and the management is warm, welcoming and attentive.

G's Bangkok is located in the most famous gay soi in Thailand but it's not a stricktly gay establisment. It's popular with the gay crowd and through the window guests can feast their eyes on a colorful part of Thai culture. But the appeal is just as great to straight people as it is to the LGBT individual.

86 beers, please

A unique feature of G's Bankok (it's a German restaurant after all) is the rich collection of imported beers. No less than 86 variants (and counting) from the other side of the world are waiting on you, cold and chilled, in the sticky tropical heat of Bangkok. A taste of home away from home. One that will have you coming back for more, and more, and more.



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