Fork & Cork by Sphinx

Fork and Cork recently re-branded it's business after 30 years of serving exquisite Thai cuisine supported by a handful of masterful western dishes, under the name "Sphinx". After three decades it was time to re-vamp. And not just the image but also the interior of this beautiful restaurant at the end of Silom Soi 4 got a huge makeover. The new style reflects the core value, which is the pillar of Fork & Cork's long standing success: Authenticity. The wooden materials, the bare ceilings and the absolute stunning bar with impressive rows of luxury glasswork; they all reflect the importance of essence, of quality, and the rewards of choosing natural materials. It's this philosophy that drives Fork & Cork's kitchen into the conversation about Thai food all over the world. It's considered one of, if not the best place(s) to go if you want to experience what authentic Thai food actually tastes like. The menu offers a number of western items too, great pasta and delicious other culinary treats from other parts of the world. 

A casual, relaxed and historic dining experience

The new interior of Fork & Cork is a magnificent creation. It entices the eye yet provides a sense of comfort and casualness that makes the dining experience that much more pleasant. It's intimate yet private. Groups can lounge in the center of the restaurant's floor and enjoy a few drinks over conversation whilst couples and friends or business associates enjoy a quiet meal on the outer sides of the establishment. Outside, looking out over the vibrantly alive Silom Soi 4, are standing tables to hang out and stretch those legs a bit and perhaps sip a nice cocktail or a hot cup of exquisite Italian coffee. 

It's hard to say what makes an atmosphere truly complete and what gives a restaurant that extra appeal. Having dined at Fork & Cork many times we can honestly say that perhaps it's just that you sense there's a real heart beating inside of this business. And its rich history gives the place a soul. When you're there you'll see old friends having a reunion. Or you'll find the frequent visitors to Thailand returning and indulging on a world class meal that's a highlight of each return to the Kingdom. You'll find the young Thai crowd navigate the riches of the bar and lounge area, sipping signature cocktails and expertly mixed drinks. You can't help but stop and notice that this is not a restaurant like any other. Fork & Cork is the real deal. And how lucky we are to be alive and experience savory delights like this.

Signature cocktails, a fine selection of wines and a great assortment of liquors

The bar at Fork & Cork is quite a sight. From the most common to the most exotic, whatever's your pleasure: it's likely to be in stock. A definitive recommendation is the signature "Lychee Cocktail". It's fresh, light and delicious. Exclusive to Fork & Cork, a must try for every cocktail enthusiast.

Especially in combination with a delicious pasta, the fine wine selection of Fork & Cork leaves nothing to be desired. From a good and affordable house wine to a real connoisseur treat. On top of that, all kinds of Whiskey, bourbon and vodkas are awaiting your arrival and undoubtedly your imminent return. For many years to come.

If there is just one restaurant for you to go to in Bangkok, let it be Fork & Cork. Down in Silom Soi 4, irresistible for both the straight and the gay crowd, young, old, single or with family. Show the taxi card on this page to your driver and we'll see you there!


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