Dream Hotel Bangkok

On Sukhumvit soi 15 is a truly magnificent branch of the Dream hotel chain which spans a total of 5 properties worldwide. There’s a Dream in New York, Downtown and South Beach Miami, Kochin, India and right here in the Thai City of Angels. There are many aspects that make this hotel truly unique. It was the first boutique hotel in Bangkok, a concept that has since been copied by many but perhaps not perfected in the way of the original master. The tremendous attention for detail in decoration makes for a brilliantly consistent experience that entices the mind and challenges the senses at every corner. Closely affiliated and inspired by international artists like Paul Smith, the colorful and well balanced variations in design really make the Dream Bangkok Hotel on Sukhumvit 15 a perfect place to stay, eat, relax and prepare for your many adventures in the vast metropolis that is Bangkok.

Living the Dream

Dream Bangkok Hotel occupies two buildings. Dream I (2006) and Dream II (2007) offer 195 rooms in 7 distinct design categories that draw their main inspiration from the world of haute couture and sexy fashion. The attention to, and sense of fashion roams beyond the walls of your hotel room too as the staff adheres to a distinctly fashionable dress code. Dream Bangkok Hotel pays homage to the local culture which is interwoven in the carefully established interior design concept. The entrance of the hotel reflects a runway with a Pagoda representing the traditional Thai greeting. Fun is a crucial part of being Thai, and being in Thailand. The playful candy stripes by Paul Smith that adorn the bar - which serves mouthwatering signature cocktails everyone should try - are reminiscent of Dream’s home base in New York and in a way fuse the Thai and Western worlds.  The Flava Restaurant and Bar, packing an award winning Chef and brilliant-cocktail-mixing bartenders drive home the excellence of Thai cuisine and the very best of Western cooking. The restaurant closes at midnight but never stops serving delightful food exclusively to your room.

Enhancing sleep in deep comfort rooms

Your room at Dream Bangkok Hotel is a stage of endless possibility and purpose. Whether your night is hot and steamy or intimately tranquil and serene, it all plays out like a dream. Innovative blue light therapy supports a healthier, better sleep, as research has shown. Ceiling mirrors reflect the sexy passion Dream Bangkok Hotel inspires over it’s delightfully comfortable beds that appear to float rather than sit on the floor. The trendy and fashionable interior of the rooms awaken the imagination. So much so, they’re sometimes used as a refuge for some of the world’s most renowned artists and fashion designers. The hotel itself has been the stage of Thai movie and television productions on many occasion, resulting in the local celebrity crowd frequently taking seat at the Flava bar and restaurant tables.

Perfectly situated for any purpose

Outside of your room the heart of Bangkok beats fast and loud. The hotel and its rooms however are built and situated to be quiet, private and not crowded. When you venture out to take on the beast of Bangkok though, Dream Bangkok Hotel helps you to get quickly on your way by offering a free tuk-tuk service to the nearby BTS (Skytrain) and MRT (Underground/ Subway) hubs. The area surrounding the Dream Bangkok Hotel has business and leisure closely entangled, as is the Thai approach to life. Some of the best shopping malls, nightlife venues and business locations are all within walking distance. A rooftop pool offers a birdseye view of the city and combined with a spa, massage and fitness facility you're quick to find yourself immersed in a dream you’re not going to want to wake up from. And at Bangkok’s first and true boutique hotel you can share this dream with everyone dear and near to you. Your same-sex partner, a beautiful new found local friend and even your dog or cat. You, and all who accompany you, are most welcome to safely explore a world of exotic, Far East delight. 

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See you in your Dream.


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