4 Sports

4 Sports is a sports cafe situated at the end of Silom Soi 4 where not everybody reaches it. Thereby it offers an often welcome reprieve from the "see and be seen" parade that is mostly the first and middle part of Bangkok's #1 gay soi. The bar itself is gay friendly, open to all kinds of people from all walks of life. It offers a great, warm and friendly atmosphere and off course all the relevant sporting events are featured on flat screen TV's inside. Outside you can escape the competitions going on indoors and just enjoy the tropical wonder that is Bangkok over chilled drinks and from laid back chairs. 

4 Sports Bar, the odd one out in its soi, has a number of great attractions

There are a number of unique qualities that make 4 Sports a frequent -if not preferred- destination for most of our team and the more seasoned patrons of the Silom area. For one it has a great mix of international and local people and the staff is always absolutely wonderful and attentive. You won't get pushed or pulled inside on the way to somewhere else. Although the smiles and demeanor of the 4 Sports crew are nothing short of magnetic. Also, and contrary to some of the bars in Soi 4 that like to attack your eardrums and give your vocal cords a run for their money; 4 Sports is a well suited place for conversation and socializing with friends.

The drinks are another feature that deserve a strong recommendation. 4 Sports bar runs continuous promotions on cocktails which are not just cheaper but also better than those found at most of the bars in Soi 4. The ingredients are real, the prices are the lowest and the servings are very generous. 

All in all, it's bound to be a match.