Announcing PinkTrails 1.0-RC

We're proud to announce the first, complete version of
This release contains a huge update with many bug fixes and usability improvements.

The full release notes can be read here. In this article however, we discuss the main changes and improvements we made as well as the roadmap for the upcoming releases. Thank you all for your suggestions, many of which have been incorporated in this release. Please join the discussion of what we should develop next or improve.

Introducing: Promotions

Customers of can now add their promotions to the website. Promotions can be discounts or social events. A special page shows a map and an overview of all the promotions to website visitors.

When a promotion is added, it is advertised in several sections of but also automatically distributed to Twitter. Other social media channels such as Facebook and Google + will follow soon.

Improved maps

We have made several improvements to the mapping engine of There is now a full screen option which creates a really immersive experience for exploring the gay and gay friendly scene of Bangkok and later the whole of Thailand.

We have also made language improvements to the maps on It's now much more accessible to international audiences by using only English translations. A big plus is that for instance, BTS and MRT stations are indicated in English as well. These transport hubs are important landmarks for tourists and Google maps only displays them in Thai; rendering it useless for non Thai reading audiences. This is just one of the many benefits we added to our map experience, and we still have ideas left to implement in the near future.

Further improvements to filters and sections

Each venue type now has it's own section, with more flexible filtering options. So there is a page and a map for gay sauna's, or just gay friendly hotels, etc. These different sections can have different filtering options that are more relevant to the type of venue.

When using filters, only paying customers are shown in the results page.

Customer Dashboard and ease of use for administrators

To make it easy to manage your business listing on we have created a simple dashboard. From there you can edit the page of your business and also add and manage your promotions. Useful links to our support page are also included. We hope you'll find it easy to use and make the most out of the online marketing experience we offer.

We welcome your feedback! Pease contact us with questions or suggestions.